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Griffin Clubs at JW Properties

Question asked by pluto77 on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by iahflyr

I have been looking at the new JW in Cabo San Lucas that is opening in September of 2015 with interest.  On the hotel website, it makes reference to a CL which is open everyday 0600-2300.  When I look at the room rates page, it makes mention (on this page and nowhere else) of:


Guest room, ocean front


Griffin Club, Concierge level, guest room, ocean front.


The rooms above appear to be identical, however the second room listed (with Griffin Club) is $90 more.  I would normally assume that this would be a room that someone without gold or platinum status would book if they wanted lounge access.  I would also therefore assume that as a gold/platinum member, I could book the room at the lower rate without the lounge access, but receive complimentary access with my gold/plat status.  That is, until a recent post made by curiousone in this thread, Re: Mayflower Hotel Washington DC where he/she makes mention of the "Griffin Club" at JW Desert Ridge and that it is an "uber" club, requiring a $95 fee/day p/p for usage. 


So my question is, what can I expect as a gold/plat with regards to Griffin Club access at this new resort?  Has anyone else ever encountered the "Griffin Club" at a JW and was it complimentary with gold/plat status?  Is there a CL and a Griffin Club?  This Griffin Club business sounds a lot like how they do things at the Ritz Carlton.


Thanks in advance.