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Integration Between Rewards Insiders and Sites

Question asked by billnelson on Jul 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by joshm

Does Marriott have any plans on tighter integration between the and sites?


More specifically, single sign on (SSO) between the sites, badges earned on the main Marriott site reflected on users profiles in the Rewards Insiders site, the ability to access the Rewards Insiders site (links) from the main Marriott site (to foster more community and entice more Marriott Rewards members to join the community), access to hotel reviews and ability to enter reviews into the Rewards Insiders from the main Marriott website as we are making travel arrangements. 


While I visit the main website almost on a weekly basis, I often forget to visit the Rewards Insiders site.  It would be nice to have tighter integration between the two.


Just a few thoughts.