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Discussion created by jones1cy on Jul 24, 2015
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Hi guys! I'm quite confused about this "platinum challenge" that my co-workers are telling me about. I'm hoping someone can clear things up for me..

I called Marriott to ask for the challenge and I was told that I could not skip levels. When I asked about my friends skipping levels (3 of them were able to skip levels), I was told that "it was probably a courtesy extended to them". If that's the case, then why wouldn't the courtesy be extended to everyone? Did I just get a grumpy rep.? 

I was also told that some of my points shouldn't really count because some of the reservations on my account are in my husbands name and not mine. I explained that that has never been an issue and again I was told  "it probably a courtesy extended to me but really shouldn't have been".   The rep. on the phone told me that she "wouldn't take any points away from me"  but that in the future all reservations need to me in my name.   Take points away from me???? Is that something that can actually happen?  ARG!! I'm confused and actually a little angry..