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Discussion created by kharada46 on Jul 24, 2015
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With the loss of nuhusker and alrenaissance, and all the beautiful memories the community has shared, it got me thinking... MRI isn't so much a community as it is a family.  Not blood family of course, but as we say in Hawaii, our "hanai" or adopted ohana.  In a place where everyone is "aunty" or "uncle," family is much more than one's bloodline, but is your true friends.  While many of haven't met in-person before, many of us have and have even become life friends.  Even for those that don't really come around too often anymore, like everyone's favorite trouble-making uncle erc, the famous jetsetter jerrycoin and our favorite cruise expert (who actually is a cruise agent now) trippin', we all seem to feel a connection and miss them in their absence. 


So, by local definition, you are all my Ohana.  And I thank you all for providing great tips, guidance in life, and of course, great laughs over the years, and hope that our Ohana will continue to grow and flourish.  And remember,  growing pains like the great Spam Wars, are part of the experience!  So let's enjoy the ride and continue to make Insiders one of the best places to be on the web! 


And now I'm done with all the mushy, feel discussions.  What do you say we get back to our discussion on IATA codes iahflyr, ks77, pluto77, misterchk, clebert and 702rugbyref!  How's about that flight from Fresno to Fukuoka??