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Can not find the promoted deal

Question asked by ltickner on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2015 by ltickner

Good evening.  I received an email about a promotion for ICE! at the Gaylord National.  The promotion says that there are rates starting at$209 which include one night accommodations, a $100 resort credit, unlimited entry to ICE! and a family photo.  When I looked for this rate online I was not able to find it.  So I called the Platinum Elite number for reservations.  I was fortunate enough to speak with Gerry (employee ID number 037042).  She was great and spent about 15 minutes on the phone with me trying to locate a date when this rate was available.  She could not find the rate either.  But she tried to find me a good rate and was patient and professional throughout our call.  So thanks Gerry for your help.


So my question...Is the rate really available or is this just to entice us to book at a higher rate?  I can really go any night so that is not the issue.  The issue was I could not locate the promoted rate, and the Marriott call agent could not locate the promoted rate either. 


Here is an image from the website that I pulled.  I would like to know which date between 21 Nov and 3 Jan this rate is actually available.