MRI Community Loses a Loyal Member

Discussion created by pluto77 on Jul 17, 2015
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It is with profound sadness that I share with the MRI community the passing of one of our longtime and loyal members, nuhusker.  Steve had been courageously battling cancer for about 18 months, and held out much faith and hope to conquer this relentless adversary.  He had much to live for, a wife whom he treasured, children he was very proud of and with each passing year, a growing flock of grandchildren.  Anadyr wrote that "he had had the swings that many cancer patients have between hope and despair.  He was always optimistic, though realistic about his chances."  He was prayed for by many and was supported and cared for by his wife Martha and his family.


Steve was a longtime Marriott loyalist whom a number of us came to know better outside of the MRI community.  I had the privilege to share many a written conversation with him regarding military days, life, family, faith and politics.  He was a person of high character and esteemed by many.  He served in the military as a USAF security policeman who loved his country and was a tireless visitor to our wounded warriors at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda and other VA locations.  He was honored by G. W. Bush for his dedication to these American heroes wounded in battle.  After his military retirement, he served as the Executive Director of the South Iowa Area Crime Commission.  He loved golf, loved travel, especially to see family, was an avid fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers and love Marriott Rewards.  He was a great family man and loved the Lord Jesus.  He will be missed by many.


Please feel free to share your thoughts here regarding our good fellow and friend, nuhusker.


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