Beware of Roaches at Fairfield Inn, Savannah (Exit 94)

Discussion created by nhteacher on Jul 25, 2015
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As platinum members, we have frequented many Marriott properties through the years and have continued our loyalty based on the overall cleanliness, customer service and amenities Marriott properties have provided.


Last night, our experience hit an unbelievable low.  As we were getting ready to fall asleep, a large roach made its way across our ceiling. The front desk clerk said she could not speak to us immediately since she was busy.  She did share that exterminators had recently been at the property to continue insect abatement. Maintenance showed up with an aerosol can and towel.  After spraying a healthy dose of insecticide in our room and finally catching the insect after a chase, maintenance left the room.  We asked the front desk to be relocated since one of us has asthma.  We were told nothing could be done!


Talk about a complete lack of empathy and customer service.  We summarily check-out and found another Fairfield Inn with strong ratings.

We would highly discourage anyone from considering this property unless you have been assured by the management that the roach/insect problem has been eradicated.