London calling - experimenting with a new property for me

Discussion created by zukracer on Jul 19, 2015
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I've always had great luck with staying at County Hall and a few other central London properties.  With hearing from folks here about the Renaissance St Pancras, I figured I'd try it.  As I sit here waiting for a room, I've noticed that the lounge is definitely one of the nicest of the one's I've been to in London.  I think the updated JW Grosvenor House lounge is perhaps slightly nicer but this one is right up there.  Afternoon tea was nice, though somewhat behind what the other locations do.  To be fair this property doesn't have a proper "high tea" like the others so it is impressive I guess given the lack of formal tea service.


So far I'm pretty under impressed with the rest of it though.  No upgrades and an attempt to place me in a room that is as far from my profile preferences as it could possibly be.  Unless there's something pretty amazing when I get up to the room, I think I'll probably go back to County Hall for other stays.  I've never not been given an upgraded room there, perhaps its luck, perhaps they focus more on Plat Prem folks but for the same $$ in spend it just seems a better value.


Has anyone had any good experiences here at the St Pancras for upgrades?  I find it very hard to believe they are sold out of rooms on a Sunday.