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Experience with comfortable beds in the United Kingdom

Question asked by edge_of_nowhere_mn on Jul 22, 2015

I'm finding more and more that the beds in Marriott properties in the United Kingdom are not the comfortable beds being promoted.  Also, i'm not seeing much of a change in that status.  I've been staying at a property in Liverpool for several years now and the beds have become uncomfortable to the point of being painful.  I've also stayed in Glasgow, Durham, Leeds, Manchester, Portsmouth, Cardiff, and others and have generally had the same experience.  I've also stayed at a few properties in greater London with beds that were fairly comfortable and a few that were quite good.  I'm wondering if this is just a problem for properties outside the greater London area.  Unfortunately, the beds in Liverpool have me to the point of either having to drive 45 miles to work or staying with another hotel chain.  Are there any properties outside of London with comfortable beds?  It would be great if there were something within driving distance of the Wirral.

Thanks for your replies.