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anyone else listening to music at double speed?

Question asked by ramoneur on Jul 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by ramoneur

As long as I can remember I have been listening to music and buying portable devices to do so.

My first mobile music machine was the good old Sony Walkman, when I was about 10, with the usual cassettes, lousy head phones and short battery life.


throughout my life, I have bought, possessed and broken and lost various portable music machines.

For example:
- full metal, extremely small/flat, Sony Walkman for cassettes
  (it used to be only 4mm bigger than the cassette! executed in
  full metal, costed me approx. 300 guilders at the time)

- first MP3-players, with extra big (and expensive!) flash card of 256 megabytes, yay!

- ipod nano, with 4 gigabytes of memory, wow!



...but now, my good old and faithful Samsung Galaxy S2,

which includes a flashcard of 64GB,

filled with music and audiobooks, never leaves my side :-)



One feature of the MP3-player on this phone is that MP3's can be played with a different speed than normal, varying from 0,5 to 2,0 times the normal (1,0) speed; The audio compression is remarkable and astonishing, even at double speeds the voice/music/tones stay the same (unlike the old double-speed "high speed dubbing", where even Johnny Cash would start to sound like Elmo); I now usually listen to audiobooks at 1,4 times the speed (Teaching Company rules!) and most music at double speed...


So my question is:

am I the only one trying to cram more music/information in the same amount of time,

or are there other "double-speeders" out there?