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Cleveland Renaissance's Future

Question asked by jbeiii on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by joshm

BL:  Can anyone tell me what is going on with the Renaissance in Cleveland?


We make frequent trips to Cleveland throughout the year.  I had made reservations for all of our scheduled trips through the end of the year and into next.  There was an article in the Plain Dealer that announced the hotel was changing hands on 30 Jun and would no longer be under the Marriott brand.  When I called Marriott they said that was the case and reservations I had made would be honored by the new ownership but I wouldn't get credit for stays or points with Marriott.  So I switched all of my reservations to the Key Center.  Now I have heard the hotel will remain a Marriott under a temporary contract but only for 90 days.  When I go to the website or call into the reservation center, I can make reservations for not only the additional 90 days but well beyond.


My wife loves this hotel and the location is ideal for our trips to town.  My hope is they have decided to remain a Marriott long term but no one I have spoken with at Marriott or the hotel itself can/will confirm the status of the relationship with Marriott.  I would like to change everything back to the Renaissance but am reluctant to do so until I am sure they will remain with Marriott beyond the 90 days.  Any insight anyone may be able to give will be greatly appreciated.