Cebu City Marriott

Discussion created by robito64 on Jul 14, 2015
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In this day an age of health and fitness, I’ve just had an experience that has not kept up with modern times.  I am currently staying at the Cebu City Marriott in the Philippines.  This is a hotel I have stayed in many times since it opened over 10 years ago.  As part of my morning exercise, I like to walk up stairs, so I asked the staff to use the emergency stairwell to go up to my room.  For the first time since I've been coming to this hotel, they refused to let me use the stairs.  I even spoke to the General Manager, Mr. Patrick Carroll, and he claimed that the emergency stairs were designed to exit the building, not to go up to the rooms. It is beyond my understanding why they refused me the use of the stairs, when I have been using them in the past, and when I do not disturb anyone using them once a day for my morning exercise. It’s funny, as a lifetime Gold member I always get these welcome notes from the hotel manager.  In the case of this hotel, it was signed by the general manager and it said “don’t hesitate to let us know how we can personalize your stay.” If using the stairway to go to my room is beyond their ability to “personalize my stay”, then it is quite obvious that they have no intent to make guest comfortable.  I cannot in good conscious stay here any longer, and will move out this afternoon. I have remained a loyal customer to Marriott because it always prides itself in taking care of its guests needs, but in this instance, you miserably failed.  It may be one hotel, and one hotel manager, but it definitely gave me a very bad taste, and it shows no sincerity or integrity in the welcome cards you provide.