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Question asked by fancyeventplanner on Jul 14, 2015
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I coordinate corporate events and fly in 40 guests to Southern California about 3 times per month. I recently made the move to Marriott hotels and I am fairly new to the rewards.  ( I was loyal to Hyatt properties for 15 years).  I have a few questions:


1-The company I work for pays for our guests lodging.  I receive a cap of 50,000 per event.  Is the 50,000 negotiable?  We typically spend about $25,000.00 per stay, which would equal to 75,000 points.


2- I receive rewards points through Rewarding Events, do my guests also receive points for their stay? Can I receive points for my stay in addition to the Rewarding Points?


3- Depending on my experience with Marriott I might renew the contract for next year.  Any tips on negotiating the contract?  Perks I might be able to negotiate etc..