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Good morning folks. An issue that arose from my past weekend so wanted to provide a caution to everyone.


First of all, I tend to be a very loyal member to a program whether it is hotels, airlines and car rentals .I tend to have my preference and my 'back-up' if prices are significantly different, availability, location, etc. SO..I generally rent from National Car Rental as I build up 'free days' and I pick ANY car on the lot with my Executive Elite status. However, this past weekend at LAX, Hertz  (my back-up (Gold Member) and I believe Marriott Loyalty partner), the same car was 40% cheaper and therefore I went that direction...no problem for two days.


Returning the rental last night, I noted the car rental bill at check-out was $57+ more than my contract (over 71% markup!). I advised the attendant and she advised that I should call the Hertz 1-800# in the morning and I did a few hours ago. I checked my credit card statement and they had billed me the extra $$. When I called the  customer service, they agreed with the error and said they would fix it. They could not provide an explanation for the error (in their favor by 71%!) so sent me to the LAX location to obtain the explanation only to be put into a voicemail system.


I usually check bills but would not have noticed a few $$ difference but a difference of $57 on a $81 contract I did. I CAUTION others of this 'scam'. I have emailed the Hertz customer service wanting a defined explanation to this tort. So I was wondering if any of you have had similar experiences with car rentals, hotels, restaurants, etc.


Maybe I will start a blog on personal ways of detecting frauds so stand-by for that. All the best. Phil