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Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview and Spa Disappointment

Question asked by boilermakerkev on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by jerrycoin

The views are excellent no doubt but outside of that has anyone else out there had a less than satisfying experience at this hotel?  We stayed over Canada Day and were very disappointed in the hotels woeful unpreparedness for handling such volume of families.  I have stayed at other "Full Service" Marriott's that are clearly geared up for conventions - and excel at such events - during the week but when it comes to weekend guests and the families the property just doesn't seem to get it.


From not staffing the concierge lounge on the holiday (it was locked zero access) to indifferent hosts at the mezzanine restaurant, to poor communication to me and my wife of how these issues were to be handled upon check in, the service and communication levels did not live up to expectation.


Then there is the elevator issue...truly an embarrassment with redundant calls chasing other calls, all five elevators, when operating, go to the 18th floor but only three go to upper floors with no way to specifically call those elevators.  Creates chaos and long waits.


Anyone else been there recently experiencing this or am I just the lucky one?