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Waikiki Courtyard

Question asked by clebert on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by kharada46

Going solo to Honolulu for a conference which will be at Sheraton Waikiki, plus have a few business meetings in downtown Honolulu.  Being a Marriott loyalist, I prefer a Marriott property.  Waikiki Courtyard is only $159/night which seems very reasonable for Honolulu.  I dislike CY as a brand and have heard bad things about both this hotel and the Marriott flagship hotel at Waikiki.  The Marriott is $80 per night more expensive, but I am willing to pay more if it is better.  Any suggestions on whether to suck it up and stay at the CY, or whether the Marriott Waikiki is better, or whether to ditch Marriott and just stay at the Sheraton?  Can I walk there from CY?  Is it best to taxi to hotel than to mess around with a car in downtown Honolulu?  I have not had good car rental experiences at HNL, nor do I enjoy driving on Oahu.  I'm not leaving downtown during this trip - not planning on any touristy stuff outside of downtown.