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binding your unique MAC-address to your account-login, for less auto log outs?

Question asked by ramoneur on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by ramoneur

I haven't been programming server side generated websites in quite a while now,

but I think there is a possibility for this forum/website-server to request the MAC-address (which is a unique address bound to your wifi device) of your computer;


whilst being more and more annoyed regarding the constant automatic log outs, I was thinking:

why not bind a login to the unique MAC-address?


the system would work as follows:

if you agree on your login being bound (also) to your unique MAC-address (should be OPT-IN, with possibility to OPT-OUT again anytime),

the auto log out, due to inactivity, will be disabled (or at least extended to 24 hrs instead of the 10 minutes it seems to be right now), who would opt-in when this was implemented?