Loved the 2 new Eco-features in Frederick Md

Discussion created by perrynh on Jul 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by joshm

We recently stayed in Frederick MD for a wedding and loved the new shampoo/conditioner/body wash pump dispensers in the shower. I'm sure it will save huge numbers of those little bottles in the landfills, and likely some money to both Fairfield inns, and by extension, us!


We also noticed door-hangers that offered rewards points to people who opted to forego daily service.  Since we didn't get them, we asked at the desk, and the policy was only for guests staying for 3 or more days, and we were only staying for 2.  Even so, we were happy for the rewards offer, I frequently stay for longer on business, and would be happy to skip some days of service to save water.  As long as there's an easy way, like a checkbox, for more coffee