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Delta Privilege to Marriott Rewards - Lifetime Status

Question asked by dhrfan on Jul 10, 2015
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Hello.  I posted on another forum and was told to come here as this is likely the best place to get answers.  While I've had Marriott Rewards membership for approximately 9 years, Marriott hotels have never been my primary choice for hotel stays; the chain I've stayed with most frequently has been Delta Hotels and Resorts, which has been acquired by Marriott.  As a result of the incorporation of the Delta Privilege program into Marriott rewards (where I had "Platinum Plus" status), I now hold Platinum status with Marriott through February 2017.


The FAQ on the Marriott page for Delta Hotels states that "Delta Privilege qualifying nights will be converted into Marriott Rewards Elite night credits for stays at Delta Hotels and Resorts from January 1 until June 17, 2015."  I'm curious about my stays with Delta Hotels prior to 2015, and whether those will be counted towards Marriott lifetime status (similar to how Continental Airlines lifetime miles counted towards United Airlines lifetime status and similar airline mergers/acquisitions).


Does anyone know if it is possible to get lifetime stays with Delta Hotels prior to 2015 added to my Marriott Rewards lifetime status, or if Marriott plans on allowing this?  Someone on the other forum indicated that I should mention joshm.  I'm trying to figure out whether I should make Marriott my primary hotel brand going forward; more information about that is provided below.


Between January 1 and June 17, 2015 I spent 42 nights at Delta Hotel properties; I know these nights will be converted to 2015 elite nights.  If my previous stays (prior to 2015) at Delta will count towards my lifetime status, I'll likely be close (if not over) the amount of nights needed for lifetime silver status. My primary hotel programs over the past few years have been Delta and SPG. If my stays at Delta hotels prior to 2015 will count towards lifetime status I'm likely to give Marriott most of my hotel stays as I'll likely achieve lifetime gold within a few years (I'd get the credit card, choose Marriott locations for meetings, etc.). If I essentially have to start from scratch I'll likely make SPG my primary hotel choice.


Between work/vacation I'm likely going to have 60+ hotel nights over the next 3 months, many of which I can choose Marriott (or other) properties. The question about counting past Delta Privilege nights towards Marriott lifetime status will likely guide my decision as to which chain I stick with going forward.




EDIT:  One thing I forgot to mention earlier.  My question is specific to Elite Night credits only.  I have no interest/expectation of getting Marriot Rewards points for my Delta stays prior to 2015.  My understanding is that Delta Privilege does/did have all of the previous stay history for each member account, so the data regarding lifetime Delta nights should be available.