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Platinum customer service phone staff

Question asked by clebert on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by lexdevil

What is going on with the Platinum customer service line?  I called a couple of times last week to try to redeem an e-cert for a stay at a Marriott, and the customer service people seemed really disinterested and almost annoyed that I called.  When I finally did get one to help me (third try), she was ok but not super professional...working from home with dogs barking in the background, commenting on her pending divorce, etc.  What is going on?  The customer service folks used to be so helpful and seemed genuinely engaged in their jobs and appreciative of those of us who spend months of the year in Marriotts!  I am really disappointed.  My last few stays have been at Hard Rock/Loews or Hyatt properties, and those folks really seem to be better at customer service.  Maybe it is time to shift my allegiance over to Hyatt.  They have fewer properties but seem to have nicer, more updated properties.