Comparison of Hilton vs. Marriott Properties

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Hello all,


After a recent 4 week stay where most of my coworkers stayed at a Hilton Homewood Suites and I chose to stay at a Marriott Towneplace Suites, I was pretty shocked at the quality of the Homewood vs. Towneplace.  Both hotels were relatively the same age (<5years old).  The Homewoods rooms were far roomier than the comparable ones in Towneplace.  Homewood offered much nicer breakfasts (Eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc vs. cheap sausage patties/eggs, and prepackaged everything else), had very nice 'dinners' M-Th (with beer/wine) vs. a nice meal on Thursday for Towneplace, and seemed to go out of the way to assist their guests.  All for the same price in rooms.


That got me thinking of whether the two hotels were of the same 'caliber' when compared to each other in the two branded chains.  I have searched for a comparison of Hilton vs. Marriot hotels, but was unable to find a decent one.  Does anyone know of one, before I begin to work on building my own comparison table.


I was hoping for a table which compares the two brands hotels by cost / level (i.e. top tier vs. basic, extended stay, vacation, etc.), the # points to redeem one night in each hotel, and the amenities (free wifi, Dinner social (and quality), Breakfast (assuming 3 levels - basic, intermediate, and full blown like an embassy suites), Concierge lounge, and any other amenities).


If you know of a comparison table that lists this and more, please let me know, and save me the work ;-)


Trying to determine if it's worth staying Marriott Platinum, or switching over to Hilton like my coworkers have, due to the apparently nicer amenities at the Hilton hotels.