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Inconsistancies in amenities or 'benifits' at same branded Marriott hotels?

Question asked by flynhokie on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by 702rugbyref

In my travels this year and last, I've started to notice a pretty significant inconsistency in the amenities offered by same branded hotels in the Marriott chains. Why is this happening, and is there any attempt by Marriott to pull things back to a 'constant' for each hotel.


For instance - Residence Inns at multiple locations have been very inconsistent in their offerings for dinner.  I have seen them offered M-W, M-F, S-Th.  I would think meal availability would be consistent across all Residence Inns.  You should get them on business nights period.  Sunday - Thursday they should be offered - or if not, the days offered should be consistent so your travel plans can be made to accommodate.  (i.e. get some food on the way in from the airport rather than having to go back out after you check in...).  Additionally, the quality of food varies drastically amongst the same branded hotels.  I would expect the food quality to be consistent amongst each brand - understanding that food types will rotate, however quality does not have to.  Also - whether beer/wine is served or not should be stated on the websites.  Understand local laws can be issues here, but understanding what you get at the hotel and being consistent throughout same brands would be nice.


I have also noticed inconsistencies in the 'platinum arrival gift' amongst same branded hotels.  Some have been real nice (wine and cheese), while others have been lackluster (i.e. a sandwich bag of candy and a bottle of water).