Couple of Questions about Elite Status and Rollover

Discussion created by chaznotbono on Jun 19, 2015
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Greetings everyone!


I attempted to enter a Platinum Challenge but was rejected (just like high school ). Apparently, even though I initiated a Gold Challenge this year, after I had already achieved Gold Elite status though Ritz CC membership (dumb me), it still counts as my one challenge until June 2016 .


Anyways, I'm going to be staying quite a bit in the next couple weeks/months but I'm not so sure If I should stay at Marriott...and this is why.


I currently have 32 nights, and although I'll probably easily hit 50 nights, I'm not so sure if I'll hit the 75 nights for Platinum Elite.  So, here's my question: If I don't achieve the 50 nights this year, will those extra nights (above Silver) rollover towards Gold next year; or, because I have Gold Elite status through my Ritz CC, will I have no rollover because I'm Gold Elite without achieving the 50 nights?


Hope this made sense, I think I confused myself.


Appreciate any help or clarification. Thanks.