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1 Paid Night = 1 Elite Night Credit?

Question asked by kinwi on Jun 13, 2015
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I'm a Gold Elite that traveled for several weeks in 2013 and a few weeks again in 2014.  For awhile I wasn't traveling, but now I'm traveling again as well as getting married and having an event at a Courtyard.


Last week I phoned the rewards department to get all of the details on the program and how I can benefit the most from it this year and maintain my status or go to Platinum for a longer international vacation in 2016 and the woman on the phone gave me the following details about the program. Can anyone confirm that the information she provided me is accurate?


To achieve Status

  • Need 50 by December 31st 2015 - Gold
  • Need 75 by December 31st 2015 - Platinum, then we’d have platinum through EOY 2016
  • If we meet the requirements, we’d have it for remainder of current year and all of next year for both Platinum and Gold
  • For every 1 paid night, you get 1 Elite Night Credit towards status (BOGO)

Property Specific

  • Fairfield
    • 10 points per dollar + 25% point bonus
    • 2 free nights as a credit for staying at Fairfield

  • Qualifying Event (Courtyard):
    • Wedding will qualify as an event - will need at least 10 rooms Master Billed (we don’t necessarily have to pay for them)
    • 3 points per dollar for events, max 10 nights accumulation for event
    • For our own personal room, may not want to book that the night before/after so we get 10 points + 25% bonus per dollar instead of only the 3

Redemption Example:

    • Stay 4 nights get the 5th free
    • If we’re staying at a Category 5 hotel it would be 100,000 points for 5 nights
    • As long as there is activity (qualifying stays) the points don’t expire



Upcoming personal events

  • Max 10 event nights from Wedding
  • Business Travel: Every paid night you get 1 night credit (buy 1 get 1)
    • Ex:
      • if you stay 5 nights at a Courtyard then you get 5 Elite nights credit
      • If you stay 5 nights at a Residence inn, then you get 5 Elite nights credit
      • Example: For my 6/9 - 6/11 stay at Fairfield, I have 3 paid nights and 3 Elite Nights Credit for a total of 6 nights towards maintaining status
  • A qualifying night - booked through Marriott directly, if you book through a third party it’s not qualifying
  • Qualifying stay - any length of consecutive nights (3 consecutive nights = 1 stay)


I haven't found ANYTHING about the free elite nights credit per paid night - I'm worried that the MR Rep wasn't providing me the correct information, but I know that's what she said because I have it all over my notes. Does anyone know - is this the truth? I know that this would mean that I would only need 1/2 the number of nights to achieve status since it's essentially "BOGO."


Additionally, it was also a little disappointing to hear that we're going to have about 50 room nights or more booked for our wedding and we'll only get credit for 10! That seems not worth it.


We love Marriotts and I'm going to be pretty upset if the information I was given isn't correct since we're really trying to max these rewards, but from what I've read, it seems Marriott has been hit or miss lately?