On 2nd thought... maybe NYC

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As I previously posted I was thinking of going to the west coast this summer and doing like 1 week in LA and 1 week up the coast into Oregon and Washington. But, since I already bought 1 of the flights and it is just RT to LA spanning 6 nights I started considering other options.


I can just spend the 6 nights I currently have scheduled in the FFI Anaheim Resort and go to Disney and maybe a few other attractions and then fly back home to TN. I can use points and that will give me the 5th night bonus (140k total).


Then I have to figure out to do with that extra gap in my itinerary. It occured to me that we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary later this year and we have never been to NYC and I know my wife would like to. So, I'm thinking of leaving our kid my parents so the wife and we can go on an early anniversary getaway and enjoy more adult things like fine dining, broadway, etc...


I'm initially thinking of the JW Essex House right by Central Park. If I convert some United Miles over I MIGHT have enough to get another 5th night bonus (180k total). As I stand today it looks like I'm 40k short to do both of these (after the UA conversion.) I'll earn some between now and then, but it's not likely to be that many. I might just forgo trying to get that 5th night bonus and do a shorter stay in NYC.


Any ideas how I can come up with an extra 40k points in a month?



Flights to NY are booked as well as the JW for 5 nights. I actually ended up with a 6th night so I could get a Saver Award on the flight back. That actually ended up being convenient as I had a CAT5 certificate that I can use at the Renaissance near EWR.