nomination - spirit to serve - RI Gravenhurst

Discussion created by jeanmcdermott on Jun 10, 2015
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I'd like to nominate Gail at the RI in Gravenhurst for a Sprit to Serve award. I've been very lucky every time I visit the RI to meet staff like Gail that go above and beyond to make me feel welcome.  I've been taking groups to the RI for several years now and there is a team of extraordinarry people who work there from the management to the staff.  Gail is one of those people who every time I visit greets me, remembers me and takes great  care of both myself and my group.  Always wiling to help and always smiling.  On my last visit, Gail was one of the lovely ladies that left a note and special  treat (my favourite chocolate bar and pop) in my room after I had a long night and returned to the room late.  It was my last night and she remembered what I liked best and bought treat from the little snack area.  I'm suspect Gail and the other ladies paid for the treat themselves as it was a personal note that demonstrated professionalism/customer service and friendship.  I always know that when I stay at the RI and bring groups it will be a wonderful experience because of the staff.  Thank you Gail!