Nomination - Spirit to Serve

Discussion created by jeanmcdermott on Jun 9, 2015
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I would like to nominate Annie from the Residence Inn, Gravenhurst for the Spirit to Service award.  Each and every visit to the hotel the staff and management welcome me back like family.  Annie always takes special care of me in the mornings.  She lets me know when they have favourites for breakfast and always makes sure that my there is yougurt parfait for me.  On the mornings when I have to leave particularly early before the official opening of the kitchen, she'll always try and accommodate with something to eat or take with me.  My business only brings me to Gravenhurst during the winter but it doesn't matter from one year to the next - Annie always remembers me, what I like and greets me like a longtime friend.  Staying at the RI is always a wonderful experience - and it's because of the staff and management.  My thanks to Annie!