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Discussion created by hk94 on Jun 8, 2015
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I had the misfortune of being passed back and forth between Visa and Marriott this AM when I called to inquire why I hadn't received any of my nights and points in the past 3 months. Turns out that Visa took it upon themselves to create a new Rewards account for me, and I had to work with Marriott to combine them.


The Marriott agent I spoke with was curt and surly. When I tried to explain my problem, she briskly cut me off and said "This isn't Visa. You're speaking with Marriott". Bad start. When she asked for the address on my account, I attempted to clarify if she wanted my email address or mailing address. She screamed at me "YOUR NAME!" After I gave her my name, she said, "I also asked for your address". I attempted to clarify again and got more attitude. She then said, "I can tell you are frustrated, but I'm just trying to help". I said that I didn't appreciate the way she had been speaking to me, and if she required information from me, I would like her to be very clear about what she was asking. She then hung up on me.


My problem is now resolved, because I called and immediately escalated to a supervisor. The supervisor was extremely courteous and helpful. I'm posting this here because I've seen Marriott does respond to these things. My experience today is not what I have come to expect from this brand. I was so angry after being hung up on that I was contemplating canceling my card and my upcoming Marriott reservations and switching to another chain.


In summary, Visa and Marriott need to find a way to make it easier for me to resolve issues like this. I should have never required to call in the first place, and when I did, there should be a clear resolution path for this type of issue, that can't possibly all that rare.