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Renovations - The New Marriott?  Trends?

Question asked by ssindc on Jun 6, 2015
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Update/note: if this topic interests you, be sure to jump to this thread: Marriott Room Design, Innovation - Revisited, Expanded


So, in the last few weeks I've stayed in two full-service Marriott properties (Newark Airport and Richmond West) that are in the middle of renovations - I'm curious to hear what others think of what the New Marriott will look like....


And, since then, last weekend I stayed in a (nearly) brand-spanking-new Fairfield Inn and Suites (not far from Rehobeth Beach) - it opened about 2 months before I got there.


Some reactions and observations:

  • I definitely preferred the layout of the Newark "new room" - I was particularly intrigued by the L-shaped couch will portable computer table;
  • my son loved the look of the new layout of the Richmond West (actually Glen Allen) "new room" - he thought it was very fancy - also, the largest LG flat screen TV I have ever seen in a hotel room - my son was duly impressed. [I normally stay at the Marriott downtown, adjacent to the convention center, so this was a first for me.]
  • The work environment in the new Fairfield Inn room was by far the most conducive to productivity - a real desk and a real desk chair and appropriate lighting - what more can you ask?!?!
    • This room also won the prize (among these three) for sufficiency of towel hooks (facilitating the re-use of towels).
  • Otherwise, my sense is that I'm getting old and cranky (or maybe I was always that way)...  Here's my short list of items in the Richmond West property that I want to send up to the hotel school at Cornell as a case study under "what was someone thinking during the renovation process"????
    • insufficient (OK, actually no) overlap on the black-out blind rail - or, in other words, once the sun comes up, if you're not wearing eye shades, it's time to wake up...  I saw this one coming when I went to sleep, so I piled pillows against the blinds, but that only worked at the bottom half - there was nothing I could about the top half...  This is such a small, inexpensive, low-tech, but essential detail - how can this be overlooked?
    • no real desk chair - argh - there is a bench seat, which is cute (but has no back) - and a utility chair, but it's not on wheels and it's not adjustable, and it doesn't have arms -  this might make sense at a beach hotel, but this is a hotel in the middle of a suburban office park - it's a business hotel.... Go figure.
    • I like the concept of the rolling barn or hangar doors in the bathroom - they save space, and the look great - but - functionally - I'd rather have a wooden door - the opaque glass door means that, if someone is in the bathroom, the entire bedroom is light/bright because opposite the bathroom door is a large mirror - all of that seem easily avoidable;
    • there simply are not enough towel hooks and bars (particularly if Marriott is serious about you wanting guests to re-use towels) - there is a single towel hook in the bathroom - the other towel bar is inside the shower, very close to the shower head - so, in a room with a capacity of four guests, there is only one hook (not a double hook, not a towel bar) where you can store a wet towel rather than throwing it on the floor - that's a little weird;
    • I have no idea where I'm supposed to put my luggage - no luggage rack, no obvious place for it... And there's a dresser in the closet, but the drawers do not open all the way because they're wider than the space available...  Really?  C'mon, I couldn't make this up...
    • perplexing, but ultimately wonderful shower -  - very Euro-modern, not not in the least intuitive (and I've traveled all over the world, I've seen some funky shower systems, particularly in Asia, but they tend to be more intuitive) ... but, once you survive trial and error and you figure out the controls (hopefully, without burning yourself) - it's a great shower system...
    • a huge, gorgeous, modern sink that - uh - doesn't drain very well - maybe it's clogged (was it installed incorrectly?)....
  • And, in the defeated by technology category - in Richmond, my automated wake call came exactly one hour early - granted, better early than late, but still...

Now it's time to hit the road again.  Anyway, what's your experience been with the new renovations?