Wi-Fi expiring without warning

Discussion created by john_thai on Jun 5, 2015
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This has always been a nuisance, IMO, but today it went beyond that.


I typically stay at a site for several weeks. As a Platinum I get free Wi-Fi. I log on to their network, enter my room number and name and then it grants me free Wi-Fi. For a week. But I stay longer than that.


So every week I have to log in and again and "buy" another free week of Wi-Fi. If I don't catch it, it will simply shut me down without warning. All of a sudden no web page will open and I'm unable to do anything.


Today I was in the middle of editing a large document on line when it decided it was time to shut me down. Fortunately when I got back in most of my work had been auto-saved. But while I was getting back in I was slightly less than happy. As the song goes, I used words I never heard in the Bible.


Why can't we get more than 1 week? The system knows how long my reservation is. Why can't it track that? Or at least give you a 2-minutes warning before it kicks you off?


One other irritant, while I'm at it. I use Chrome. If I turn on Chrome I cannot log in. I have to turn on Internet Explorer. Then it finds the billing page when I try to access the Internet. It won't do that with Chrome. After I log in I can use Chrome for a week. Then back to IE to log in and then back to Chrome.