DFW North - Exceptional Employee(s)

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Good Evening,

My travels take me through the DFW North Airport Marriott twice a year for about a week each time. This location, due to the calibre of its employees, has become my home away from home. They personally welcome me back with a sincere smile and easy check-in. They remember my preferences for cuisine and beverages in the concierge lounge, and they are quick to assist me with any special requests I may have before, during or after my stay.


Therefore, I formally request the following nominations through the consistent demonstration of exceptional customer service that has distinguished them from their peers:

1. Claudia (Front-Desk Supervisor)

2. Arianne (Front Desk)

3. Andrew (Front Desk Supervisor)

4. Jordan (Front Desk

5. Eva (Concierge)


Every stay I am sure to complete an on-site customer satisfaction survey highlighting their collective efforts to ensure everything was top shelf. It is my sincere wish that this will act as an additional, and well deserved, level of appreciation, acknowledgement and recognition.



Jason Mansour