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The Shelbourne in Dublin

Question asked by patrish on Jun 2, 2015
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I'd like some Marriott Rewards Members to comment on this Marriott property. Has anyone stayed there recently and do they have a Concierge Lounge?  I don't see the Hotel Review section anymore and I'm disappointed that it seems to NOT be a part of this site. I always preferred to see what MRI's said about a property than to get the info from Tripadvisor. In particular the Heritage rooms (high ceilings) in a certain wing of the historic hotel. They are offering free breakfast ( which I get anyway being a Platinum Member) but the regular room rate with no breakfast is higher so there was no reasoning with the representative handling my reservation that was made yesterday. Also has anyone lucked into a great pub or a lunch or dinner place that was a bargain and delicious at the same time.


Thanks and I'd like any info or advice I can get. I've never been to Ireland but it's on the bucket list.