Picking your exact room on the app

Discussion created by ks77 on May 27, 2015
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Marriott Voice sent me a survey the other day where the focus was using the Marriott app to select your exact room at a property. It asked questions about functionality and ease of use and design. A guest would make a reservation for say a king bed but they would then be able to choose what floor they want and in addition to the floor, the actual floor plan of each floor of the property would populate right on the app! It seems very cool. I was asked about the concept of this a year or so ago (and I voted favorably), and it seems like they are running with it. I don't know if they will ultimately implement it but my guess is they will. What better service for a hotel to be able to brag about than to say they offer guests the ability to choose the exact room you want? Obviously something like this generates a million questions, like how will upgrades be processed, what about group bookings, blacked out rooms, etc...but this seems pretty cool to me. What does everyone think of a feature like that?


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