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Complaint about a Manager

Question asked by phoenix06sa on Jun 3, 2015
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Reservation Number: 94856824


June 3, 2015

Marriott Customer Care

Marriott Hotel


Dear Marriott Customer Care:


This letter is to complain about service I received from a your manager Keith M. at your Courtyard New Braunfels River Village location leading up to a stay back last year.  My stay was on Friday, July 25th to Sunday, July 27th, 2014.  Obviously this is old now, but I am still very frustrated every time I think back on this event, and as such, I felt like I should let someone know.


I use to be a much higher level of member with you, and have stayed in your chain’s hotel thousands of nights over the last 15 years. Luckily for me, I have been off the road now for the last few years – but I still have not even used up my free points.  So, last year, as I decided to finally use some of my points – I got really bad service by Mr. M.


I will say, regarding the even that started the bad service – that it was a terrible mix-up that actually started by your 800 number folks, the even didn’t start at the hotel.  Originally I booked one night for Friday night on my points.  Then I tried to book the second room – and they told me that it was booked, and then I get to a day or two before the event and find out that they didn’t book the room like they had told me they did.  These details are not really relevant, because even though that event was handled very poorly, that is NOT what I remember.


What I remember was that I called to try to fix this, because it was a very bad thing that my second room was not confirmed, as I had friends coming – expecting this room.  So, first I called and spoke to Haley P..  She told me very point blank, there is NOTHING the hotel can do about the reservation mess up – even though the reservation center is who told me to call the hotel.  They clearly told me that they could not fix it – but the hotel could override and give me the room for points – even though their computer told them they could not.


So I ask to speak to a manager, because the reservation center was adamant they could.  She said to hold on, and then after a few minutes she transferred me to Mr. M. By the time I got to Mr. M, she had told him about what I wanted and he came on the phone with a very accusational attitude that basically I was trying to get one over on them, and the only one who could fix this was the reservation center.  At this point, I had called the hotel and reservation center 3 times – each.  Each one telling me the only one that can fix it was the other.


So I Mr. M, in a very direct way told me that he would not want to use points, because he said that out of the points that his hotel would only get $25 dollars – and that he would be crazy to take my points when he could sell the room for much more than that.  Imagine my frustration when he basically told me that my points meant nothing to him.


Again, he told me that the reservation center could fix this. So, I asked, can you at least have Haley call the reservation center with me – since each one was saying that the other could fix the situation.  He got made, and told me that he would take my points, but that he was absolutely not happy about it – that he could not afford to have Haley spend an hour on this – so he would rather give me the room for the points – unhappily so.


At that moment, I told him that I was very happy with the resolution, but not with the way it had gone down…  As such, I felt that I should express my frustration here – in that all he had to do was just tell me yes – since he had the room available – and accept that Marriott made a mistake – or if he was adamant that he could not help me – then having Haley assist me with the call should not have been a huge deal.


He didn’t have to share so much information about why he didn’t want to give me the second room for point’s – and tell me the reason was he would only make $25 dollars.  Literally, in my stay I have given you many many thousands of dollars.  It could be more like multiple 10’s of thousands.  It made me feel less important to Marriott’s profit.  It makes me wonder which brand I will switch to when I start travelling again, and rest assured I will.  In fact, I have travelled 4 times in the last year and I have 2 more trips coming up soon – so far I have not stayed back at a Marriott again.


All of that said, I did want to point out the positive.  My stay at the hotel was actually VERY nice. The workers were all very nice and helpful.  If this event had not happened, I would be back to stay at that location again in a minute.


Thank you.