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Discussion created by wally3433 on May 25, 2015
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I am a Lifetime Platinum member.  My wife keeps bringing up the fact that it is my name on the Marriott Rewards account.  She is feeling a little less than special.  Our membership was obtained as a team, and we came up through the ranks together.  We decided where to stay together, and that decision was typically a Marriott hotel because we wanted to obtain Lifetime Platinum.


I understand the complexities of allowing two partners to be Lifetime Platinum.  But those complexities pale in comparison to a relationship with a spouse or partner.  The obvious issue is what happens if I die or we separate - she would have zero status at Marriott - which is completely unfair.  I understand that she is able to enjoy the benefits of LP, but the fact remains that she has not been properly recognized.  It's not fair, and it seems something could be changed or worked out. 


I personally feel like you should be allowed to participate in the MR program with your spouse or significant other - period.  It's not the same as airline miles - planes have individual seats. Hotels have multiple or King size beds, with a standard occupancy of 2 (save some European hotels).  Sure, we could open an account under her name, and start all over - but we all know that is ludicrous, since we would be staying at Marriotts without the benefit of the status we rightfully earned.

It seems like something could be done about this, correct?  A couple of suggestions:


Now that we have achieved Lifetime Platinum, and with no other levels to achieve, it would be nice if there were a Partner Platinum status to go after.  For instance, we will probably earn another 75 Elite nights this year - which will go for nothing.  Why couldn't those nights go towards my spouse's Platinum (or Gold, etc) status and start to accumulate towards her Lifetime Status?  Seems like an easy change - and if implemented, the nights required at each level should be LESS than the first partners.


Secondly, technology can easily allow BOTH partners to check in at each hotel stay, when both are in attendance.  Thus, each partner would have individual Lifetime Elite night balances.


Anyone else have this discussion with their spouse?  Agree?  Comments?