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I nominate Samantha, the manager of the Residence Inn in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I can't tell you how many times I've stayed here, and every time it has exceeded my expectations for ANY hotel. I have nominated James at this location in the past, so I think it's time we recognize true leadership in the award to the manager of this fantastic property. I could go on about the quality, service, and cleanliness of this property, but that doesn't matter; in the end those are expectations of every hotel. Here at the Residence Inn, they go beyond expectations. They always make sure I'm satisfied with my room just a few moments after I open the door. They have fun evening activities and DVD players in the rooms. Last time I stayed we were invited to make our own s'mores and roast them at the outdoor fire pit!


Everyone that works here is a shining star. I wish every one of them could get this award. That's why I'm nominating Samantha, because I know from talking with her that she will take no credit for herself, instead deflecting the credit upon her team.


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