3 week tour of China with my wife

Discussion created by ramoneur on May 25, 2015
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I have been traveling throughout China since 2007 for business.

Having the luxury of speaking/reading some Chinese I have been doing this fairly independently.


Now, planning a sort of "renewed honeymoon" with my wife in 2017, I am a bit at a loss what our itinerary should be for a 3 week trip.

I am planning to use as much as possible of my Marriott account points for the stays, so my preference for the hotels would be Marriott.


My last destination, for a few days, would be Shanghai, since I sort of gotten to know this city.

However, regarding what to do/visit in the 2,5 weeks before we end up there, I still have no clue.


Since this will be her only time for a long time past - and to come - to taste a bit of freedom (since she is a stay at home mother and we have two young daughters...) the pressure of making this a "once-in-a-lifetime" holiday/memory is a bit high...


My wife likes reading, music, history and culture.

Early 30's when we will have this trip.


So I am thinking about the following travel plan:

[3 days] fly to Beijing, visit the old palace, TianAnMen, etc.

[2 days] take night train to ChengDu, visit some panda's, etc.

[3 days] go to Chongqing, visit museums, etc.

[2 days] take train to KunMing, visit museums (Flying Tigers, etc.)

[2 days] drive/train/boat to the Three Gorges Dam, visit museums, etc.

[3 days] take boat (YangtZe River Cruise) to ?

[2 days] go to SuZhou

[2 days] go to HangZhou

[3 days] Shanghai


Do you guys/gals have any other ideas, tips, advice, etc.?