Marriott Rewards Chase Premeir Credit Card

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I have been reading many posts about the bonus offers associated with the Chase Marriott Reward Credit Cards.

When I signed up back in 2011, I was not computer savvy, and just took the offer proposed to me:  50,000 points if I spent $1000 in the first 3 months, 15 elite night credits and one category 1-5 certificate on the anniversary of my card each year.


After recently reading posts on this site, I see that others had gotten 70,000 bonus points during the same time period when I initially signed up and that there are better offers out there now, as well.


I called and spoke with a supervisor at Chase.  She vehemently told me that no adjustment could be made for additional bonus points, as that would have had to been done within 90 days of signing up. Not even for loyalty to the brand or credit card.  She also strongly told me that I could not have my annual fee waived, as many have members have recommended.  She clarified (and not so sweetly) that because I have the Marriott Chase Visa card and it is still active, I cannot sign up for the Ritz Carlton card, nor a Marriott Business card and get the bonus point offers.  I would have to not have a Marriott/Ritz Carlton card for at least 24 months before I can partake of another bonus offer.


So how do you all get these bonus points, fees waived, etc.?


Thanks for any suggestions.