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Points Redemption with Hotel Category Change

Question asked by slamwise on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2015 by 702rugbyref

Hi all, wanted to get your thoughts/feedback on a situation that I just went through. In February, I had originally booked two nights at the Miami Beach Edition when it was a Cat 9 (45k points/night). At the time when I called the points were not deducted from my account. I called the Platinum reservation line last week to add a night to my stay and to have the points taken out of my account. When they adjusted the reservation, the points were taken out of my account at the Hotel's new category (Tier 5 - 70k points/night), which was effective March 19th with the annual update of hotel cats.


At the time when they were taken out at 70k/night I didn't think much of it, but just got off the phone with the Platinum line again to question why my points were not taken out at the original 45k/night for the first two nights when the room was first booked (I can understand charging the 3rd night that I had added at the 70k points).

I was advised that because I made a change to my reservation, the entire reservation was subject to the points deduction at the new category. I kindly indicated that it would make sense to me that I should at least receive the two nights of my original reservation at 45k/night, with the additional night that I had added being deducted at the 70k. The agent on the line said that technically there was nothing he could do, but graciously added 25k points back into my account (the difference between 70k and 45k for one night). He would not credit me another 25k for the second night. Is this a policy that I had just overlooked or should I be entitled to an additional 25k points? If I had realized this sooner I obviously would not have modified my reservation as it meant the difference between spending 90k and 210k points.


Thanks for the help!