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noisy room, switch to another?

Question asked by ramoneur on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by ramoneur

In Shanghai I always stay at the 扬子江 / Renaissance at Yan'An Lü.

I love this place.


Only thing during this business trip was: I was assigned a very noisy room; I never experienced that before.

I am one of those people who sleeps with two pillows: on below and one on the head (yes, I know earplugs would be better...).

Liking the placing, thinking it was me, I tried to sleep the first night.

I did not.

So I asked for a room-switch and - without any fuss, kind help, no questions, etc., - and with help of somebody - I was assigned another room.

I immediately recognized the quietness I am used to in there and finally had a good night of sleep.

(the room however was two beds and not king size, but I don't mind if there is no other choice; I like the extra "sorting space").

My questions are:

- what are my rights when a room is "too noisy"?

  (this is very subjective; I usually wake to the sound of the central heating switching on in my own house);

- should I tip the guy/gal who helps me change rooms (carrying my bag and some hangered clothes), and then if so: how much?