Two rooms booked under platinum (executive lounge)

Discussion created by stratman560 on May 20, 2015
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Hello Insiders.  Just curious if anyone has had any experience with getting a couple extra folks into the executive lounge when you book more than one room using your platinum status.  I know the rules say you and one guest, but I was curious if anyone had any success getting a couple extra folks in there after speaking w the front desk/manager.  For what it's worth, it's the JW Marriott in Austin and I've booked two rooms.  It will be my girlfriend, her son, and myself in one room and another couple in the other.  I'm not the type to skirt the rules and sneak people in, if they say no, so be it, but it sure would help us out if they did.  Anyone have any tips about how to go about inquiring about this??  Manager??  Concierg??