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A while ago I went off a phone conversation with an Rewards program associate and sent an email to customer service just to make sure I got everything on paper. Let me tell you a story.


I am, what most people call, a frequent traveler. I spend 50-75% of my time abroad and living in hotels. I'm currently 2 years in a row a Concierge level member of Club Carlson and just now I'm waiting for my Diamond card with Hilton Honors.


Another quick fact - I plan to spend 39 nights in a hotel (any hotel) in the US (travelling from Europe) starting from a couple of weeks from now.


A colleague of mine is a gold tier member with Marriott and she looked up where we'll be and what hotels are somewhat "close" to our preferred location. Now we have 3 Hilton hotels and a Marriott. Of course, given her gold status - she's opting for Marriott. I thought - OK, let's see what can be done and rung Marriott Rewards with a question on matching my status (2 top tier statuses with other chains, just to restate it) or giving me a challenge / fast track, as I will anyway spend close to 40 nights in a hotel.


The lady on the other side simply said "no". I mean - it was of course a longer conversation, where she was saying she could offer me a "silver challenge", but it didn't make sense, since I will anyway spend more than 10 nights. No option to match my status and no willingness to earn money.


Now, luckily I am here in a better position and I'm not "forced" to go the Marriott. I will simply go to one of the 3 Hiltons and enjoy my Diamond status and of course I will also make my colleague stay there with me. All in all - the Hilton will earn something like 15 thousand USD for the stay and I? I will simply keep my account for "if I'm ever forced by my supervisors to stay in a Marriot" event and not consider this chain for the future.


I mean, seriously? Are you really willing to forfeit 15k USD and a potential customer spending half to two thirds of his time in hotels? I guess you're a very rich hotel chain and not interested in getting even more rich.


I don't really want a reply from the hotel, unless you really do want the money and would like to discuss matching my status.


I do hope you learn from my story.