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"If I could visit one place in Europe, it would be..."

Question asked by chaznotbono on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by psudad

Greetings everyone,


I'm sure the answers will be all over the place on this one, but here's a little background.  I've finally earned enough points to purchase a travel package that would cover a cat 7 stay, with enough miles for a flight to Europe.  This is the first trip the wife and I have taken out of the States, and she's a little nervous about traveling Internationally, so we're just looking to relax and enjoy the sites at our own leisure.


Initially we thought Germany would be a great vacation, specifically Munich, for the availability of day trips and variety of locations.  With the certificate limiting us to one location we just wanted to make the most of it.  However, I'm a huge fan of Scandinavian culture and would love to visit the Copenhagen/Malmo area because of the location and day trip availability.  Then again, who wouldn't love to see Prague, Brussels, Paris, London, Vienna...etc.


So, I'm wiping the slate clean and asking for help from you well-traveled individuals. If you were limited to staying at one location, what would be one place you would visit in Europe?  All factors considered (i.e. day trips, prices, food, beer, elite benefits) and personal opinions are very welcomed.


Thanks to everyone in advance for the assistance!