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Few more strange facts about Marriott (w.r.t. REWARD STAYS) are below.

I am sure many of your might have experienced this, but, they are less talked about.


  1. When an Elite Member comes for a reward stay, Marriott staff silently stop talking/ keeping invitation to executive lounge, even though the guest qualifies for lounge access. Whereas, in case of paid stay, either the staff pretends to be so excited to reveal this to the guest or an invitation is kept right on the table.
  2. The executive lounges are intentionally kept less stocked with food, as a part of standard strategy of Marriott. There are unimaginable limited food options (That too, whatever is available, more than half of such items, would not be even touched by any of the guests). Marriott does it purposefully, as it is a complimentary service and the cost has to be kept under serious control.
  3. Marriot is committed to ensure that the guests under Reward Stays should not have a nice time, when someone stays by redeeming points. Things like, room allocation near noisy corners, Scratchy tables, Tables without lamps, Minimized/Out of order amenities, Cutting down room service/evening turn down, and many more. Because, the guests on reward stays are looked at differently by the entire staff, as LOYALTY is just a drama.