Bad Housing Keeping

Discussion created by sachinaggarwal on Sep 21, 2009
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So I just discovered this Insider's Link on the Marriott website. This is pretty cool website and kudos to Marriott to coming up with this idea and making a good user interface.

So I thought I should give you all a feedback on the hotel I am currently staying in London.

London Marriott Maida Vale . I am here for business and staying in this hotel for 55 nights. In terms of location, a very good location as it is very close to tube station and fairly quiet area. Very close to attractions like Lord Stadium and Regent Park.

But on the otherhand, a bit of dissappointment with hotel service. I really don't care who reads my post, and if someone from this hotel reads it then much better.

I must say, the worst housekeeping I have ever experinced in a Marriott is this one.

I have given this feedback to the Guest Services and to the front desk and it is just beyond me why it is still so bad? Maybe they all know that I am here for long time and itis more of my second home and they are trying to give me homely feeling :)

1. Rooms are hardly vaccumed. To test my theory I left some plastic clips around my bed and those clips has been there for last 1 week :)

2. I have fruits in my room which give there life away sittin there and they are never replaced.

3. Laundry bags are never replaced. I have asked couple of times butnever got replaced.

4. So I fail to understand that if executive lounge is on top floor why is that shoe shining machine is on 4th floor :) if they want they can put one on 7th floor as well. Or rather why not on each and every floor?