Marriott Dinner Certificates

Discussion created by gshock on Aug 20, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2009 by superchief1

Just an observation for us Platinum members who have been purchasing and using the Marriott Dinner for 2 certificates. Many of the properties that I have visited recently do not accept the certificate. This is for properties that are not even mentioned on the exclusion list on the Marriott website. I would suggest that you do not buy the certificates for gifts as your recipient will probably be told that the certificate is not accepted. Most recent property was the new Key West Beachside. They told me they had never seen the certificate. After speaking to the manager they agreed as an accomodatation to let me use the certificate but only for the value (109.00) of the certificate not what the certificate entitled me to (Dinner for 2).  They said they were a Marriott Franchise property and were not obligated to take the Marriott Certificate.  Looks like Marriott may be getting too big as this never happened in the old days.