Renaissance Arc de Triomphe - Paris

Discussion created by front4 on Jul 11, 2009
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This is a brand new property, from the ground up, not a rehab.  It opened in May 2009.  We stayed here from July 1-6.  It is perfectly located about 200 meters from the Arc and a major metro stop.  The style is modern, simple elegance, and chic.  The rooms are what Americans want, space and a real bathroom.  The shower is not quite enclosed, but it is better than using the hand wand and contorting to shower.  Windows and walls are virtually soundproof.  We had a room facing the back of the hotel and a courtyard and it was silent back there.  It was quite hot for Paris (>90 F), so it was really nice to have reliable and efficient air conditioning.

The staff is young and is managed by an Argentine, named Alex Fiz who is an 18 year Marriott veteran.  We found the staff to be EXTREMEMLY attentive.  There were always smiles and they know what they are doing.  As someone who knows Paris (as good as a business person/tourist could), I found the concierege staff (especially Xavier Veyreux) to be incredible.  I hate the usual tourist places for food.  I want to go where the locals frequent, and delivered tons of great ideas for us.

The restaurant is OK, but breakfast (continental or American) was a great way to start the day.  Being platinum, it was free.  If you had to pay, it would have cost 20-29 euro per person, which is quite high even by US standards.  The bar was a great place to unwind late at night and recall the days events.

Of course they know we were platinum, so I am sure we got special attention.  That all said, this is going to be a real keeper for the future, and we'd recommend it to anyone visiting Paris.