Concierge Lounge Etiquette

Discussion created by salestraveler on Jun 22, 2009
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I was in the concierge lounge this evening at the Marriott I am staying and it was quite crowded, mostly because there was a person holding a meeting in the lounge.  They dominated the environment and greatly limited the ability of guests to interact.  I gave up and left.  At 9 PM I returned for a cup of coffee and they were still there.  It was no surprise to me that the lounge was empty with the exception of them because it was not very welcoming as a result of the group. 

This brings me to my question, what is the proper concierge etiquette for meetings? I see that some Marriott lounges have signs asking for guest to refrain from having meetings and children in the lounge.  Is this hotel by hotel, franchise to franchise, or a Marriott wide policy?

I would welcome any knowledge regarding Marriott policies or thoughts to this practice.