lost revenue at the Marriott Grosvenor Square

Discussion created by platinumstar on Jun 22, 2009
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Just spent a night at the Marriott Grosvenor Square (not to be confused with the Grosvenor House - a JW Marriott).

I was very impressed with the contemporary style of the Marriott, especially the executive lounge. As soon as I heard it was in the basement I thought - oh no! But actually depsite not having any windows, its a great space, and again very contemporary, almost retro in design. The breakfast was ok, though they looked at me like I was mad when I asked for a bagel to have with the smoked salmon and cream cheese on offer, however, alas - no bagels!

I had asked (as always with my room requests) no connecting door but when i got to my room on the club (1st) floor, which has mega modern style rooms,  horror of horrors - it had a connecting door at both ends of the room! A visit to the front desk and they kindly moved me to a room without connecting door but this was not on the club floor but one on the 3rd floor but unlike the other floors, floor 3 has been renovated to the new modern design, and very nice it was. Take a look at their page on, the room had a four poster bed, but nothing like an old english king (or Queen) had used, it again was of a very contemporary style amd there was a large flat screen tv set into the wall and modern furnishings.

My only problem - I had such a good time that I wanted to stay another night. However, last night (Sunday) I had got a great advance rate with a special offer of £151 plus vat. When I went to the front desk this morning to ask if i could stay another night at the same kind of rate, I was told that the cheapest would be £289 plus vat, so almost double. As this was too expensive, I continued to check out. Before i did i went to check availability on the net for tonight and yes the cheapest was infact £289 and there were two other rates, but, at the end of the day, how many of those rooms would they be likely to fill from midday today at those prices? Surely an in-house guest willing to stay another night (on the day) and paying £151 is better than an empty room with no pounds? It just seemed like lost revenue for Marriott and in this day and age of hotels and businesses suffering, a bit short sighted. I was told that it was down to the fact that Marriott have a lowest price guarantee and couldnt go lower. I understand that, but if i were running a business and it looked like i had a reasonable offer i would take it, rather than have an empty room and the possible associated sundry expenditure that might go with it.