Bogus Extension of 2008 MR Program to MVC Owners in 2009

Discussion created by hawaiiowner on May 28, 2009
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My wife and I own 6 weeks of Marriott timeshares in Hawaii, Nevada and Florida.  On 10/24/08, not long after Marriott announced its "improvements" to the MR program, we received an E-Mail from Ron Essig, VP of Owner Services of MVCI.  It stated that they were extending to MVC owners the use of the then current MR program to Owners until 7/31/09.

This was important, because in addition to the other negative changes, Marriott Rewards gutted the value of their cruise rewards as of 12/31/08.

Today I called MR to book a cruise award under the old program and was told that the E-Mail did not apply to cruises because cruises were not part of Marriott Rewards.  Of course, this was incorrect as cruisess have always been a redemption option since the very early days of the program.  After two or three attempts at other explanations which I did not buy, the rep got surly.  I then talked to a supervisor who said they could not give me the desired certificate because they no longer had contracts with the cruise lines.

He said I was being unreasonable because Marmriott had the right to change the program any time they wished to do so.  I said I was not disputing that right, but that the E-mail had grandfathered us in for a period of time against any changes.  You would have thought I had cooties!

Another example of the low regard Marriott has for its timeshare owners.